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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and uncover all the secrets of the command block!

What has been added to the new version of Minecraft PE

Technical additions have improved not only performance, but also the logic of the game. The latest algorithms and logs help reduce bugs and fast new branches .

In MCPE, you can create your own mods and manage command blocks. This opens up a tons of possibilities for cartographers and modders.

The number of errors in Minecraft has decreased almost to a complete absence. Therefore, in the new version, work will be carried out on additions.

Crashes and performance

Implementing the latest algorithms and logs was too important. Thanks to this approach, there are practically no errors in Minecraft PE .

The only problem was switching profiles on Xbox Live. Such an attempt led to a failure and the login to the account simply did not occur. We managed to solve this and now the transition between accounts does not entail a crash.

Also, the game has improved performance. The specialists from Mojang decided to experiment with the user interface. As a result, we got faster navigation through the interface and better interaction of elements .


There will always be work on the gameplay. Various factors affect game stability . But there were surprisingly too few fixes in Minecraft

MCPE has a new achievement called “Collection: rainbow”. Previously, she was also in the game, but for some reason the Mojang team did not open access to her.

Now transparent blocks will not interfere with plant growth. The problem was incorrect interaction of two objects. But this issue was closed, returning everything to its former state.

User interface

Minecraft PE developers try to pay attention to every little detail user interface . After all, in the event of flaws, players will not be able to click on the tabs.

The “ store ” button had such a problem. Clicking the button did not open the trading floor. The bug was resolved by patching the controller.

But the most important fix is ​​the crafting grid. It was always cleared due to the incorrect operation of the interface. Now this situation is unlikely to happen again, because the improvements finally fixed these fixes .


  • Did you manage to solve the problem with the store in Minecraft PE

    The bug was resolved by fixing the controller.
  • What is the use of updating the logs and algorithms?

    Thanks to this approach, there are practically no errors in Minecraft PE
  • Are there any additions to the game?

    MCPE has a new achievement called "Collection: Rainbow"