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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Free download the full version of Minecraft for Android with working Xbox Live and fight bosses using the immortality totem!

Minecraft Pocket Edition – What’s New?

The Mojang developers have done a great job on the innovations in this version. In Minecraft PE, you can now find new mobs, blocks, items. Special attention deserves a huge forest mansion that appears in a dark forest.


Minecraft PE has 8 new blocks at once . Of these blocks, concrete is the first to be noted. It is ideal for decorating various buildings. Unlike wool, it does not burn and has a smooth texture. Also available in 16 different color variations.

Concrete can be obtained by interacting cement with water.

It should be remembered that cement is not a solid block. It will also fall like sand if there are no blocks under it .


Now the player, wandering around the world of Minecraft PE, can meet completely unfamiliar mobs. They may be evocators, defenders, vexes, or lamas s.

FACT: The Champion deals third highest damage, excluding bosses. The first place is taken by the iron golem.


They are another interesting innovation in Minecraft PE


A very useful enchantment for long distance players. Items with this feature will, over time, repair the damage themselves . But experience is wasted.

Ice Tread

Only boots can be enchanted with this. At the same time, they will allow you to walk on water, turning it into ice . But it is worth considering that this ice will melt over time. An ideal alternative to boats.


In addition to blocks and other things, new items have also appeared in Minecraft PE treasure map and totem of immortality . The latter allows you not to die when taking fatal damage. But at the same time, the totem itself disappears from the inventory.

Iron pieces have also been added to the game.


  • How can you get the Totem of Immortality?

    It can be knocked out of the summoners.
  • Where does the forest mansion spawn and how often?

    Extremely rare in the dark forest.
  • Is it possible to tame llamas in Minecraft PE

    You can use hay, but you won't be able to ride them.