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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live.

Download the full version of Minecraft for Android with working Xbox Live : cartographer, immortality totem, new blocks, bug fixes and much more!

Minecraft PE Discovery Update

The development team from Mojang has released a new beta version of Minecraft Pocket Edition This time, we are waiting for more ambitious innovations: much more content has appeared, as well as many times gameplay has been improved .

Update name: Minecraft – Research update.


In the villages of Minecraft PE, you can now meet a new inhabitant . You can distinguish it by pure white robe .

The Librarian and Cartographer have the same texture, so you shouldn’t confuse them with each other .

The most important thing for which they are needed in Minecraft PE is getting a treasure map.

This is a tool that allows players to find one of two dungeons: an underwater temple and a forest mansion from a recent update.

To get it, you need to spend about 12-28 emeralds, as well as 1 compass . However, you first need to upgrade the villager to level 4 .

Totem of Immortality

A new item in the Minecraft universe, which will allow users to avoid imminent death . Moreover, for this it is enough to hold it in your hands while receiving critical damage.

IMPORTANT : There is only one way to get a map in MCPE – to kill the summoner from the forest mansion.

After receiving it, the player immediately receives the following buffs :

  • increase the health level to half;
  • Regeneration II and Damage Absorption I effects.

FACT : The immortality totem in Minecraft PE cannot be used twice, as it breaks immediately.


Also in Minecraft Pocket Edition several bugs were fixed , each of which could ruin the whole gameplay. That is why you can see that:

  • creative inventory in Minecraft is no longer available in survival mode;
  • Shulkers now have fire immunity ;
  • dynamite explosion does much more damage;
  • the red torch has stopped emitting burning sounds.


  • How to use Xbox Live in MCPE

    Just login using the button in the main menu. After that, you will have the opportunity to play online with friends, as well as get achievements in Minecraft PE
  • How does the immortality totem work in Minecraft PE

    After receiving fatal damage, it restores the player a certain amount of HP, after which it applies the effect of Regeneration and Absorption, then just breaks.
  • How to find the Forest Mansion in Minecraft Pocket Edition

    To do this, you need to use a treasure map, which you can buy from the cartographer.