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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live.

Download the full version of Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live : a forest mansion, new mobs, a set of textures and much more awaits you!

Minecraft PE Research Update

The Mojang team has released the fourth beta version of Minecraft PE Discovery Update.

Forest Mansion

The developers from Mojang in Minecraft decided to surpass themselves and add colossal dungeon . It was a huge three-story wooden house in the middle of a dark forest.

FACT : The Forest Mansion is the largest structure in Minecraft PE

It is noteworthy that finding it yourself is almost impossible, as it is often located several thousand blocks from the spawn.

You can find this building in Minecraft if you purchase a special treasure map added in a recent update.

However, be careful, as dangerous enemies are waiting inside you.


Especially for Minecraft Discovery Update, the team of programmers immediately added four mobs , and three of them live in the new structure.


A life-like mob, which, albeit the weakest in the dark forest, is incredibly hostile and dangerous.

Vindicators are creatures of the Minecraft world that attack residents, players, golems and even tamed wolves.

In his normal state, he differs from an ordinary villager except for the color of his skin and robe.

However, as soon as a defender in MCPE notices a user, a iron ax appears in his hands, with which he will try to destroy all living things that stand in front of him …


Another inhabitant of the mansion, which is somewhat similar to the inhabitant of the village. It is dangerous not for its physical strength, but for the magic of Minecraft PE

By killing a summoner, you can obtain an immortality totem that will save you from certain death.

can attack in two ways :

  • jaws – summoning several entities with a huge mouth that are constantly trying to bite, lining up in rings or rows;
  • Vexes – creates dangerous mobs that chase the opponent.


The very creatures that summons the summoner in MCPE . Outwardly, they look like small gray-blue poltergeists armed with an iron sword.

FACT : The Summoner in Minecraft releases 3 Vexes at once.

Players should be careful with them, because they can walk through blocks and fly .


The only peaceful mob of the entire Minecraft PE update. Actively helps users in transportation of various goods . To do this, it is enough to tame it, and also attach a chest with a leash to it.

Llamas in Minecraft, by the way, are not so defenseless, because in case of extreme danger they can start spitting, dealing half a heart of damage.

Texture pack

Another important update to Minecraft Pocket Edition is the addition of a new texture pack that can transform the look.

Now the player can make a real celebration on the map using the “Festive” decorations.


  • Why is the Forest Mansion dangerous in MCPE

    The mansion is inhabited by dangerous creatures, each of which is ready to kill you at the same second.
  • Can llamas defend themselves in Minecraft PE In case of extreme danger, they can start spitting, dealing half a heart of damage.