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Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live.

Download the full version of Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live : a forest mansion, many new mobs, blocks for decoration and much more awaits you!

Minecraft Pocket Edition – What are the changes?

Finally, the Mojang development team has released a new beta version of Minecraft PE In it, they were able to implement many different kinds of content that enrich the gameplay many times over.

FACT: This version is the opening one for the Discovery Update.


The first thing worth paying attention to in the new Minecraft PE update is ancient building . It is often located somewhere in the tens of thousands of blocks from where the player spawns.

To find the mansion, you must purchase a forest explorer card from the cartographer and use it to find your way to it.


An important feature of the forest dungeon in Minecraft PE is its inhabitants, of which there are three types.


A hostile mob in Minecraft that is very similar to a regular inhabitant , with the exception of skin color and robe. Attacks absolutely everyone:

  • players;
  • inhabitants;
  • tamed wolves;
  • iron golems.

It is also dangerous because can break down doors , which makes it impossible for villagers to hide from him in the village of the Minecraft world


Another subtype of renegades in Minecraft PE, who are surprisingly unable to attack on their own . To do this, they use spells. For example, calling jaws or even vexes.

Jaws are small blocks of entities that can line up in a line or circle and then start dealing damage .


Small flying mob of the world of Minecraft PE, which is incredibly difficult to defeat. Summons either with a Summon Egg or with a Summoner .

If you have previously received two jaw bites, the annoying one will kill you with one hit.

They are dangerous because they are too difficult to hit, and they also can pass through walls and ceilings.


The developers have not forgotten about the introduction of three types of new blocks into Minecraft at once, each of which is very convenient to use for decorations.


An unusual block in MCPE, which, when connected to each other, gives the necessary, and most importantly beautiful pattern .

To obtain, you need to fry the terracotta . The required drawing is obtained due to the clay you have chosen from Minecraft PE

Cement and concrete

Immediately two interconnected blocks appeared for the builders of the Minecraft Pocket Edition world.

Cement is a block that has similar physics to sand or gravel , that is, it falls.

The first, when it comes to water, forms concrete , which has several advantages over wool, which is commonly used by builders:

  • off;
  • has a much more pronounced color;
  • easy to drop in survival mode.

FACT: You can get concrete in Minecraft PE even when cement hits the lava.


Also, the Mojang team managed to implement in the new Minecraft update at once two items , which have completely different mechanics from each other.

Treasure Map

An item whose main task is to indicate the path to the Minecraft dungeons :

  • underwater temple;
  • forest mansion.

Obtainable from the cartographer by increasing his trade level to 4, as well as paying with a compass and 12-28 emeralds.

Totem of Immortality

A small item, the main task of which is to save a Minecraft PE player from certain death . It works like this: if the player, when receiving fatal damage, was holding a totem in his hands, then he:

  • some HP is restored;
  • gains Regeneration II and Absorb I.


We also added two new enchantments at once, each of which will be incredibly useful to anyone who travels around the world of Minecraft PE

Title Description
Ice Tread Enchanting boots gives you the ability to literally walk on water. The thing is that where the player passes, and ice forms, which does not allow falling into the water.
Fix A useful skill that gives players the ability to repair items in their hands at the expense of experience.


  • How to use Xbox Live in Minecraft PE

    Just login using the button in the main menu. After that, you will have the opportunity to play Minecraft PE online with friends, as well as get achievements.
  • What is the "Ice Tread" enchantment for?

    Thanks to its use, the player will be able to walk on the water, which looks spectacular, and will help to quickly run the lake directly or cross the river.
  • How to find a mansion in Minecraft PE

    To do this, you need to purchase a treasure map from the cartographer in the village.