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Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live and fight the new boss of MCPE – the dragon of the edge!

Minecraft PE Ender Update

The underworld update has become sensational for all Minecraft PE users. After all, it was the Ender Update that added a mob that is able to analyze the situation and apply tactics.

This mob is Ender dragon . In addition to the Dragon of the Ender, the following have been introduced:

  • shulkers;
  • region cities;
  • corus flowers.

Minecraft Pocket Edition is first build version 1.0.5 (this update adds new commands, game rules and command blocks).

But despite this, the main task of the first build was to fix crashes and load in Minecraft PE.

What fixes were there?

The first fixes were in game coordinates. Each time the game was restarted, the Y-axis value decreased, causing the player to choke in blocks.

The system will no longer arbitrarily change Y coordinates and reposition the player.

Also in Minecraft PE, the algorithm for creating worlds has been changed to avoid crashes.


A lot of changes have been made to game data . For example, a bug has been fixed that prevents sharing files with other users .

Important: The Share button for an individual item in Minecraft now appears in the Storage menu.

When deleting files through the repository, a failure occurred. At the moment it has been fixed and the player has a full-fledged ability to import and export data.


The problem with mobs in Minecraft PE is slowly disappearing. Only small additions and adjustments appear.

The good news is that now peaceful mobs and villagers will not disappear for unknown reasons. Algorithms will block this action if not performed by the player.

Thanks to this, the mobs will not disappear even if it is on the border of the chunk.


  • Is it possible to return the old interface to MCPE

    The old game menu can be returned in the game settings.
  • How to defeat the dragon of the edge?

    To defeat the dragon of the edge, you must first destroy the crystals of the edge.
  • What is the character of bears in Minecraft PE

    Polar bears are neutral to entities, but if they are damaged, they will attack.