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Download Minecraft PE 0.7.2

Version 0.7.2 for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of Minecraft 0.7.2 for Android with a working Xbox Live and get acquainted with buckets, eggs of summoning creatures, flames of fire and the Realms service.

What’s new in Minecraft PE 0.7.2?

A new alpha edition of Minecraft PE 0.7.2 has been released, in which the Mojang team added overhead nicknames and Unicode support . Also, users received buckets, eggs for summoning mobs, the Realms service and fire.


Several previously unseen items have appeared in Minecraft PE 0.7.2. The most important among them are iron buckets . From now on, with their help, users are able to collect various liquids.

Important: At the moment, buckets are available only in the creative mode of Minecraft PE 0.7.2.

With a new container, it is quite easy to collect water, lava or cow’s milk . Then any of these liquids will be used to create other items.

Eggs of Summoning

The developers of Mojang Studios have brought to Minecraft PE 0.7.2 and eggs for summoning various mobs . Users can now create an unlimited number of creatures in creative mode. So far, only the presented list of animals have been implemented:

  • pig;
  • cow;
  • chicken;
  • sheep.

Realms Service

Also, the creators of Minecraft PE 0.7.2 released the long-awaited Realms service . Information about this project appeared back at Minecon 2012.

Realms allows users to play on a shared map for a monthly payment

Flame of Fire

Minecraft PE 0.7.2 also debuted Fire Flame Blocks . They are capable of setting fire to users of the game, some creatures, objects and nearby combustible blocks.

Changes in Minecraft PE 0.7.2

Developers in Minecraft PE 0.7.2 have added displaying usernames above their heads . This mechanic will be very useful when playing on servers.

Moreover, Mojang studio has implemented support for the famous Unicode encoding . Thanks to her, players can now use the characters of all world languages. Users from different countries have the opportunity to chat in their native language.


  • How can Minecraft PE 0.7.2 players play in the same world?

    For this, the developers have created a paid service called Realms.
  • What are iron buckets for?

    Buckets can be filled with water, lava and cow's milk.
  • What kind of mobs can you get using spawn eggs?

    Summoning eggs can create a cow, sheep, chicken and pig.