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Download the full version of Minecraft PE for android: buzzing bees, honey blocks, beehives and many other features are waiting for you.

What’s new in Minecraft Bedrock

Mojang is constantly working on the Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.14 branch . In the latest beta versions, most of the attention has been paid to the skin editor.


These new mobs are bringing great benefits to the world of Minecraft PE Thanks to bee pollination, flowers grow faster. They collect nectar from them for the production of honey.

Peaceful and completely neutral to everything. Most the main thing for them is to pollinate flowers, make honey and protect hives . If even one of their important tasks is prevented, the bees will be mercilessly punished. They are afraid of rain and sleep at night.


From the name of the update “Bees & Honey” it becomes immediately clear which blocks were introduced in Minecraft Bedrock Edition The obvious options are honeycomb and honey.

Cell Blocks

Adding them to Minecraft did not affect the balance in any way. Apart from beautiful patterns, they have nothing more.

The Mojang developers are still thinking about adding features , but hardly already in this thread, since the task of the beta versions is to consolidate the result.

Honey Blocks

Mojang rarely releases blocks that can be of great use. Mostly decorative ones are added to Minecraft PE. But they made an exception for the honey block.

A block that is completely similar to the slime block. It can be used in mechanisms, as it can stick several blocks to itself.

Fact: When falling on honey, the damage is reduced to 80%.

You can slide on it, but in an upright position.


It is known that bees are the first mobs in the game, with a special behavior script . And the developers understood that they must be provided to everyone for the script to work properly. That is why wild and homemade hives were introduced.

Wild Hive

Naturally generated blocks in which the bees live. This place means everything to them and is directly related to the script .

For example, if the hive is broken, the bees will look for a new one. Honey is stored in the hives and can be collected when the bee house reaches level 3 .

Homemade Hives

For those who dreamed of doing beekeeping in Minecraft, we suggest to craft a hive from 3 cells and 6 boards of any tree .

It has all the same functions as the wild one, and most importantly, you can collect honey without restrictions, but provided that the hive is level 3.

Skin Editor

If you want to make incredibly cool skin quickly, without downloads, and most importantly in 3D , then the skin editor will help you.

With it, you can edit all parts of the case. You can do a cool hairstyle, or replace your arm with a mechanic.

Other changes in Minecraft

There are no major bugs and it’s amazing to see Minecraft PE like this. Most likely, this is thanks to the update Minecraft PE 1.13.0 , which was supposed to be the key in the transition to the new version.

Skin Editor

  • fixed a bug where raincoats were not displayed on some skins;
  • sped up the process of loading skins.


  • a slight change in the behavior of bees, in Minecraft PE striped insects can fly through open doors without any problems;
  • Surprisingly, there are no serious errors in behavior, because the bee has more than 10 scenarios.