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Download the full version of Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: new mobs, blocks and other important changes are waiting for you.

Minecraft – What’s new?

This is the end of the Minecraft PE 1.13 branch , which means switching to a new version .

We suggest enjoying the the innovations of this update in the last few days with the maximum number of bug fixes.

And prepare for the transition to version of Minecraft 1.14, in which we were promised new mobs – bees .


Amazing mobs that did not interfere with the balance of Minecraft Bedrock Edition, but only improved.

Foxes behave exactly like ocelots.

They are afraid of dogs and bears. When they fall asleep, they roll up into a ball.

But the most interesting thing: there is a possibility that some object will be in the fox’s mouth.

Brown cows

These mobs in Minecraft can be seen if lightning strikes a red cow .

The only difference between the two will be in color. This cow does not do any good, but it will not become superfluous.

Building Blocks

Thanks to these blocks, you will be able to transfer different elements in Minecraft PE to other maps and servers.

Just select a design and place a new block there. Thanks to the simple interface, everyone will understand the settings.

For modders

Amateurs can create complex mods for Minecraft Bedrock Edition and forget about other applications, because access to the Scripting API is officially open .

Algorithm creation has become easier thanks to the new system. Plus, you can use the HP HUD.


Although the building block in Minecraft will help to transfer structures from one world to another, but due to air blocks errors can occur.

To remove them, we added a void structure, but it is only available in experimental .

Rose Wiesera

Minecraft Pocket Edition has always been active in adding natural ingredients to the game. They especially love to create flowers. Although the wither rose is part of hell, it was added anyway.

This is an unusual black flower that gives a withering effect when walking on it.

Fact: Wieser rose can be used as black dye or as food (stew).

Character Editor

This function is probably one of the most useful in Minecraft PE

It is thanks to the function of the character editor that players can change the appearance of their skin without any restrictions . Everything is available in 3D.

Change in Minecraft PE

The Mojang developers have made a number of changes in the latest beta.

Xbox One

When connecting to other worlds of Minecraft via Xbox, the movement was completely random and the player could send even outside the world .

The incident was successfully resolved.


The Minecraft Bedrock home screen has been updated and several crashes that could occur during gameplay have been fixed.


There were a lot of bugs in the animation:

  1. For example, when any blocks were destroyed, the animation was not displayed.
  2. Or when swimming, the hands just stood still.
  3. The mob heads were impossible to wear due to the impermeability of the textures.

Animation in Minecraft PE has been completely fixed.