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Minecraft Pocket Edition Ender World Update

Ender Update ” is famous for its innovations. Namely:

  • ender dragon;
  • shulker;
  • city of the region;
  • corus flower;
  • igloo;
  • polar bear.

All these additions did not burden the game and helped to diversify it. Since the introduction of many elements into the game did not complicate the MCPE system, after this beta version, updates will prepare a new branch .

Minecraft PE is the second and final build for MCPE 1.0.4. Officially, it is customary to call this version of Minecraft PE 1.0.4 build 2.

The work on stability and mobs is slowly coming to an end, and soon the transition to a new branch is being prepared.


Surprisingly, for the first time, an update among the mobs affected only a resident. Most likely this is due to the new function of residents in Minecraft
By default, absolutely all villagers were engaged in agriculture, even if they were not farmers. Now everyone will be engaged in the fact that corresponds to his specialty .

As you know, you can turn a zombified villager into an ordinary inhabitant. It was a mistake that after their treatment, the villagers were without profession. Now everyone will get it.

Note: To return a zombie resident to its original state, you need to throw a potion of weakness into it and give it a golden apple.


The Mojang developers decided to improve the new feature of Minecraft PE and therefore made trading smarter. Residents will sell everything at an affordable price.

Also, they will not run away during trading, as they did before.


Some changes have been made to the worlds settings for to prevent system crashes .

The first change was in setting the field of view. At maximum values, the game could not process everything and produced low chunks. Minecraft PE beta version, fixed this .

Also fixed a serious bug that lowered game performance when the player was holding a card.


  • What is the new Minecraft update branch?

    The new upgrade thread is a complete edge change.
  • How tall can a corus flower reach?

    The corus flower can grow up to 10-15 blocks high
  • How to find the needle?

    To find the igloo, you just need to be in a snowy village.