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Download the full version of Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and control the world with commands!

Minecraft Pocket Edition – What’s new in the game?

This update for Minecraft was designed to game optimization in all aspects. Data processing speed, frames per second and system response rates, have increased many times .

With the help of command blocks, the player will now have the ability to control the whole world. To do this, use the commands that have already been brought into the game.

In the new beta version of Minecraft PE 1.7.0 7, there have been changes related to mobs, blocks and textures.


Since the advent of Bedrock Edition, Mojang developers have started to pay close attention to object detailing .

Almost every item has not only unique elements , but also a high-quality texture. But the work did not end there, as in the near future it is planned to change the graphics of the world.

Improvements to textures were made in Minecraft Some objects have raised their visual parameters. The developers have updated the rotation texture, and also fixed the texture of the dark prismatic staircase.


Enhancing Entities is one of the main tasks of the Mojang team. With each major update, the behavior becomes more optimized and versatile . This allows mobs to adapt to all situations in the game.

In order for the mobs to carry out more reasonable actions, in Minecraft PE, the developers made the following changes:

  • being under water, skeletons will switch to melee mode;
  • the ender dragon will no longer get stuck if the player moves back a certain distance;
  • zombie villagers will no longer move very fast;
  • Skeleton Horses and Zombie Horses will no longer die after a fixed amount of time.


In MCPE, there are a large number of blocks that are presented in the form of decorative and functional objects. Their correct operation is necessary, because stability of the gameplay depends on them.

To prevent crashes, crashes and errors of various kinds, in Minecraft there have been changes above the blocks. Now when you drop blocks, they will not bounce several times. This was very stressing the system and interfering with gameplay. Also fixed the problem with lifting items at a certain distance.