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Download the full version of Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live and challenge the phantoms that have incredible abilities!

What changes are you seeing in Minecraft PE

New versions of Minecraft Bedrock Edition are evolving with each update. In almost all new branches of the update, new mobs, blocks, items and much more are sure to be present.

Minecraft is no exception, so it introduces players to phantoms, barrier blocks, slow-action potions, repairing elytra, and nightmare membranes .

The innovations are fully compatible with the game system, so there shouldn’t be any problems with using .

Despite this, the Mojang team still monitors the situation and tries to fix all the errors and shortcomings that have appeared.


Entities this time received more attention than in the previous beta. Most likely, the errors that have arisen appeared as a result of the introduction of a phantom. Its behavior in Minecraft PE is unique , so there is a possibility of a script conflict.

The specialists from Mojang had to make a comprehensive fix to further the stability of the mobs:

  • phantoms no longer compare in the sky when other aggressive mobs appear;
  • in Minecraft fixed problems with the unreasonable disappearance of the ender dragon;
  • the instant death of the Ender Dragon has been removed from the game;
  • the heads of the endermen are displayed again;
  • Hermits will be wearing torn clothes again.

Effects and Animations

Bedrock Edition has always tried to incorporate as many additional objects and elements as possible.

Minecraft functionality is not bad at the moment, but it’s still not enough for Mojang. For now, the game will be working on old add-ons, but a large number of effects will be added.

In Minecraft PE, the sounds of breaking minecarts, pictures, plates, boats and other crumbling objects have been processed. The Trident Throw animation has been improved and will no longer hover over minecart.

Water bugs

A very strange phenomenon in Minecraft PE is the problem with water. Elements interacting with her constantly disrupted the gameplay.

Bugs occurred for any objects that were somehow connected with water. Even being near her caused unexplained phenomena.

Despite the scale, the developers in Minecraft were able to remove problematic issues:

  • underwater plants can be placed on water poles;
  • barrier blocks will allow snow and raindrops to pass through, but block the water itself;
  • kelp blocks can be broken again;
  • TNT explosion in water will not deal damage.


  • What is the reason for the sudden fix of mobs in Minecraft PE

    The phantom behavior model in MCPE is unique, so there is a possibility of a script conflict.
  • Why were changes with water necessary?

    Elements interacting with it constantly disrupted gameplay.
  • What changes have been made to improve the situation with mobs?

    The specialists from Mojang made a comprehensive fix to further the stability of the mobs.