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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
With a working Xbox Live

Download the full version of Minecraft PE for android for free and meet new buzzing mobs, sticky blocks and other changes in the game.

What’s added to Minecraft PE

Mojang specialists are trying to eradicate all the bugs in this branch and prepare game lovers for release.


Probably no one could have expected such a small creature to have such a variety of behaviors.

Buzzing insects are passive, but unlike other neutral mobs in Minecraft, bees are incredibly beneficial when pollinating flowers. Thanks to this, the plant grows faster .

Also, bees like to sleep at night and are afraid of rain and water in general. Produce honey, which is stored in hives.


Since bees produce honey and store them in combs, that should mean one thing – adding new blocks to Minecraft PE . Although there are only 2 of them, one of them is so useful that the number is forgotten.

Cell Blocks

A beautifully decorated block that is completely covered with honeycomb grates.

The block is entirely decorative . There is a lot of discussion about adding these blocks the same functions as regular cells.

Honey Blocks

A multifunctional block that can help absolutely in any situation. If you need to move several blocks at the same time using the pistons, then the honey block will come to the rescue (other blocks stick to it).

When trying to slow down mobs or other players in Minecraft, honey block will also help. And if you need to jump from a great height, then it is better to jump on honey blocks, because they will reduce fall damage by 80% .


A place where bees can guard their honey and is safe from any external factors. To maintain the balance and consistency of Minecraft PE version, we introduced wild and homemade hives.

Wild Hive

An alternative name is “bee nests” .

Tip: If you want to observe the behavior of bees and collect honey in Minecraft Bedrock, then go to the flower meadow, because there , where there are more flowers, the hive is regenerated there .

If you want to take it with you, then to get it, you need to take scissors with you, or a weapon enchanted with a silk touch.

Homemade Hives

Useful for those who, under normal conditions, want to observe the behavior of bees and not endanger themselves.

Why try to get honey in wild hives under the threat that in case of one wrong move, nothing will be left of you as a result of the attack of a swarm of bees?

Easy and convenient, because you don’t have to go far and you can get honey when the hive reaches level 3 .

Character Editor

This function is limited by only one thing – your imagination.

But there are over 100 different options available in Minecraft Pocket Edition Change limbs, body size, add a beard and change the whole body completely.

Change in Minecraft

It is not clear for what reasons, but for what beta version in a row, the developers from Mojang are trying to fix problems related to the skin editor .

Character Editor

After editing the characters, after a while they returned to their original state. In addition, some skins took up to several minutes to load.

FACT: 2 these issues have been successfully fixed in Minecraft PE

Errors are getting smaller every time, but unfortunately, they can’t figure out the skin editor. If you do not solve this problem in time, then as a result of a chain reaction, the release of the new version will slow down.