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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of Minecraft on Android with a working Xbox Live and find out about the secret combination in the command block! <! – more ->

What’s changed in Minecraft PE

The developers at Mojang HQ made an incredible discovery for players by adding the ability to create their own models using the Scripting API. In addition, new capabilities of the command block have been added to Minecraft, which have no restrictions.

This branch implies more technical changes, so you should not expect innovations in the form of new mobs, blocks, buildings and worlds.

There are no major bugs in Minecraft PE This is due to a complete change in logs and algorithms. But there are still some drawbacks. They are presented in the form of graphical changes and additions in mobs and blocks.


In version Minecraft PE, it was not for nothing that they decided to cancel the addition of new creatures. Everything is connected with the development of special scripts of behavior that will make the mobs smarter.

In parallel, the game is doing small experiments with the same script. Changes in Minecraft happened just on this occasion.

All changes were related to the behavior model of creatures:

  • ocelots will no longer occupy villager beds;
  • witches will stop jumping when attacking;
  • zombies in MCPE will break into the room quickly;
  • Trade with Traveling Traders has become more profitable;
  • residents will be required entities in the normal world.


New blocks have not been added to Minecraft PE either. Most likely Mojang wanted to avoid additional problems with technical additions.

This was the right decision, because there are practically no problems with blocks, and if they exist, they are very minor.

Major fixes are related to getting resource . The lava will turn back into cobble on contact with water. And blocks of ice can now be broken.

Graphic changes

Graphics are an important part of a user-friendly gaming experience. Any flaws in drawing objects can lead to numerous bugs and errors.

The graphics in Minecraft PE have undergone only visual improvements. This will not only allow you to enjoy the gameplay, but also prevent further crashes.

In Minecraft, the player’s hand will not move when playing in 1 person . Improved the animated textures of lava and water, particles will appear in the right place, and bamboo leaves are already Java version.