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Download the full version of Minecraft PE for android for free: new command blocks, foxes, brown mushroom cows and other important changes are waiting for you!

Minecraft PE – What’s New?

The number of fixes is increasing every time, which proves the desire of the developers from Mojang to announce the next release of a new version.

In all likelihood Minecraft 1.13.0 release should come out in 1-2 beta versions.


Wild entities that appear in the taiga, snowy taiga biomes , and sometimes just in taiga.

TIP: Foxes like to appear at night , so if you want to see them, then go to the forest at night.

They attack peaceful mobs and are very afraid of dogs and bears . Forest berries are suitable for breeding. Foxes can be tamed and then they will be your protectors.

Brown cows

The Mushroom biome in Minecraft is the most mysterious of them all. Even about hell and ender, the world knows more than about the biome with mushrooms. There are only one creatures called mushroom cows .

They are red, but in the MCPE 1.13 update , brown appeared. To see them, you need to the red cow is struck by lightning , and then it will automatically change its color.

Building Blocks

If you want to move your building to another map or server in Minecraft PE, then the structural block will help you with this.

They allow you to import and export saved buildings.

For modders

Statistics show that the number of mods is increasing every time. Therefore, Mojang decided to open access to everyone who wants to create mods for Minecraft PE using the Scriping API function.

Previously, only people from the Mojang headquarters had access to it, but now it is available to absolutely everyone.


Many do not know about the existence of this block in Minecraft, but it is. This is a structural void , which helps the structural block to get rid of air blocks .

It is they who interfere with imports and exports. The block can only be obtained in experimental mode, since there is a threat that your world may be damaged.

Rose of Withering

A black flower that grows in hell. There are practically no flowers in Minecraft Pocket Edition that would bring real benefits, but not in the case of a rose. It can be used to stew and black dye .

Note: The Wieser rose has the ability to drain everyone who moves along it. This may result in great trap .

Skin Editor

A very useful innovation in Minecraft, as this function will allow you to stay in the game, edit characters .

You can change the size of the body, limbs, add a beard and clothes. And all this is available in the 3D model .

Recent Changes in Minecraft

Several important innovations the developers from Mojang have made with the Minecraft PE version

Accessibility settings

Added new option in the accessibility settings of Minecraft, which will allow users not to include auto-text in speech if this feature is enabled on their platform …

This should prevent the screen reader from starting unexpectedly every time a player restarts Minecraft PE


The barrier blocks are correct again pass Redstone .
Leaves destroyed by explosions no longer leave an invisible block behind.

Skin Editor

In Minecraft PE, an issue has been fixed that prevented custom skins being applied. Free skins now move correctly between devices again.