Textures for the apocalypse for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.13.0 - 1.20.81
Author: Santiago3

Download apocalypse textures for Minecraft PE and they will make your world darker and darker.

Resource Bundle Description

Feel the atmosphere of post-apocalypse in Minecraft PE by installing this texture pack.

The pack resource looks incredible against the background of some buildings.

What is it combined with?

Download the map a big city , where there are many buildings, buildings, as well as a small destroyed village with new mobs.

Given the popularity of horror maps in Minecraft PE, this texture pack is compatible with almost any terrain.

The changes are most noticeable in dungeons as well as in the forest biome.


As for the textures, they are made in the best traditions, combining dark colors and realism . As you descend into the dungeon, you will experience even more fear, because creepers and mobs have received updated HD textures.

They look very scary. Every body part has high quality detailed elements and creates a terrible image for every enemy mob.

But it’s not just the enemy mobs that look intimidating. For example, iron golem is represented as a large mechanical robot. A more realistic character to this texture is given by background sounds that come from almost all mobs.

Important: The texture changes everything, except for the innovations in the latest updates to Minecraft PE. Bees, foxes, brown mushroom cows and blocks remain the same in these updates.

Features of texturepack

  1. HD texture 256×256 – 128×128.
  2. Sounds changed.
  3. Background sounds.
  4. Blocks modified by the renderer.
  5. HD objects.
  6. Skins.

The graphical addition is quite eerie and apocalyptic , so play with it better in survival mode on max difficulty.
It is also worth noting that the texture pack is quite realistic, especially in complex decorative blocks:

  • wardrobes;
  • oven;
  • doors.

Improved Zombies

These textures for the apocalypse add 150 variations of improved zombies to Minecraft PE. The walking dead even have their eyes glowing in the dark.

Also the decorator updated the look of skeletons and scum . They, too, have become more intimidating and sophisticated. All these innovations will terrify users of the game, which is very useful for the world of the apocalypse.