Minecraft PE 2.0.0

Version 2.0.0 for Android

Download Minecraft 2.0.0 for Android free with a working Xbox Live: meet new mobs and appreciate how the surrounding space has been transformed.

Minecraft Bedrock 2.0.0 Release

Because most of the territory of the cubic space is covered with vegetation, developers try to add new biomes or improve existing ones in each update.

In Minecraft 2.0.0, players will be able to observe not only green trees but also blooming spring options or autumn bright colors. Thus, a semblance of a change of seasons appears in the game.

Also, by traveling through the boundless world, you can meet new creatures and get previously unseen resources.


In Minecraft PE 2.0.0, the main emphasis was placed on updating forest biomes, which is why players have access to a much larger number of useful resources in these locations. Among the new blocks, not only wood will appear, but also leaves and roots of trees.

The woods

Improved forest biomes will amaze players with their beauty and variety of colors. Now it will be possible to meet flowering trees and a large number of different colors.

By the way, birches, maples, and oaks will become taller, which will give Minecraft 2.0.0 a unique atmosphere.


There will also be new individuals among the mobs and, of course, they will also be directly connected to the forests. Bears will appear in these biomes, and several varieties at once. Brown ones live in pine forests and are neutral to the player.

They can even run away to see him, as a drop you can get skin from them. Other representatives of this species are grizzlies. They pose a great danger to the hero in Minecraft 2.0.0 because they start attacking first and can cause significant damage.

In swamp biomes, you can find very small but beautiful insects – fireflies. In this version, they are not used in any way, but they help to illuminate the space at night.


  • Which forest biome can players visit?

    A birch forest appeared in Minecraft PE 2.0.0.
  • What animal can be extremely dangerous in MCPE 2.0.0?

    Grizzly bear.
  • What insects are found in swamps?