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Minecraft PE Village and Pillage – What’s New?

The latest pre-build for the 1.9 release. In Minecraft PE, a robber, a bamboo forest and a large number of new blocks have appeared.

FACT: This is the first build from the 2019 Bedrock Edition.

Bamboo Forest

It is a new type of jungle in Minecraft There are pandas in the bamboo forest. And this place can be called a paradise for them, because there is a lot of bamboo here.

Villages now have stone steps instead of cobblestone steps.


A large number of new blocks have appeared in Minecraft PE Basically, these are new types of existing blocks. For example, now the player has the opportunity to craft steps from more than 10 different blocks.

Separately worth noting is bell, barrels, map table, smelting furnace . However, these blocks are available so far only in the experimental mode MCPE

Other changes

Now lava in Minecraft can be kept in a cauldron. You should also be careful when destroying tension sensors, as they activate when destroyed .


A new hostile mob in Minecraft PE capable of long-range combat. Has 24 health and uses a crossbow as a weapon. Negatively refers not only to the player, but to the residents. Therefore, when it enters the village, it will begin to attack the inhabitants and the iron golem.

Bug fixes

In Minecraft, the following errors were also taken care of:

  • pandas hold food correctly when eaten;
  • the game does not crash when hovering over the arrow icon in the recipe book;
  • Shulkers do not turn black when attacked;
  • Skeletal Riders sit properly on Skeleton Horses and Spiders.


  • How can you safely destroy a tension sensor in MCPE

    This requires the use of scissors.
  • What is the melting furnace for?

    It melts ore 2 times faster, but uses 2 times more fuel.
  • Where do robbers spawn in Minecraft PE

    Nowhere yet, as they are only available in experimental game mode.