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Download Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Free download the full version of Minecraft for Android with a working Xbox Live and visit the bamboo forest inhabited by pandas!

What’s new in Minecraft PE

This is the first preview build for version 1.9. This update is named Village and Pillage . Minecraft Bedrock has a large number of new decorative blocks. In addition, the developers from Mojang have added one new biome and one mob.


This is a hostile creature in Minecraft PE, which has 24 life units. The rogue does not wear armor and always attacks with a crossbow. His favorite place to attack is the villages , which he is not averse to destroying completely. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition is called a marauder.

Sometimes a rogue’s crossbow can break, after which he has nothing to attack with. This makes it the only hostile mob capable of becoming passive.

Bamboo Forest

With the release of Minecraft PE, the jungle has undergone some changes. Now the player, having been in the jungle, can get to a location in which there are no trees. Instead, there will be bamboo only . This is a new generation called bamboo forest.

The bamboo forest is a favorite place for pandas, as they always have food here.


Minecraft has a large number of new blocks , which are especially suitable for decorating structures. To be more precise, various types of blocks already existing in the game have been added. For example, now the player has the opportunity to build a sign from 5 different types of wood.

Also now in MCPE there are 2 more new types of flowers: cornflower and lily of the valley.

Other minor fixes

Of course, the developers did not forget about the errors in Minecraft PE

  • items in hand are displayed correctly when changing resource pack;
  • crossbows can be used to hit mobs;
  • falling blocks can be destroyed using the commands;
  • a notification is displayed when a tamed animal dies .


  • How to find a bamboo forest in Minecraft

    This is a small location that can be located in any part of the jungle.
  • Do the robbers have any protection?

    No, they go without armor. But at the same time they have 24 units of life.
  • How can you get smooth views of different blocks in MCPE

    You just need to remelt the corresponding block in the stove.