Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Tricky Trials Update. Beta.

Download the free version of Minecraft Tricky Trials apk with Xbox Live support and spend time in one of the most incredible places in the cubic world.

Minecraft PE Beta

As you know, the cubic world is available on a wide variety of devices, including touch. Therefore, the developers have added additional hints and movement training for users on such devices in Minecraft Tricky Trials.

They also managed to fix some bugs that could affect the gameplay as a whole. You can evaluate all the changes right now, as well as learn about all the features of interaction with different mobs.

But not all errors were fixed in this version. The developers promise that shortly the problems with the fact that players do not receive damage when strangled will be fixed. There are also no switches in the settings on some platforms.

Trial and Ominous

A lot of time has passed since the first appearance of Trial Spawner and other similar blocks. Players have learned to easily cope with all the dangers in the Trial Chamber, so the developers decided to complicate the process of survival in this location.

Now the heroes face a difficult test, which may arise if they receive a new version of Bad Omen. In this case, in Minecraft PE, they will have to cope with a lot of difficulties and more dangerous opponents.

Mob Effects

When using the Ominous Trial Spawner, players in Minecraft Tricky Trials may encounter these effects. They will be thrown out of their block in the form of potions at mobs and players who are nearby.

In total, this time there are four new effects, each of which has unique features:

  1. Wind Charged – players will be attacked by a gust of wind;
  2. Weaving – mobs will spread the web after death;
  3. Oozing – players are attacked by slugs;
  4. Infected – after the death of the mobs, they will produce 2 Silverfish.


  • What are the features of the Ominous Trial Spanner in MCPE

    More dangerous mobs and effects.
  • What mob effects appeared in MCPE

    Wind Charged, Oozing, Infected, Weaving.
  • What can players use the Mace for?

    As a weapon.