Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and learn how to use the Ominous Bottle to get a Bad Omen.

Minecraft PE Beta

Strangely enough, the smallest details play the most important role in the gameplay. For example, even a small failure can lead to catastrophic consequences. That is why the developers carefully check and promptly eliminate all failures that occur.

But they do not forget about the innovations, which in Minecraft will be several at once, but they are all directly related to the events that can happen to players in the Trial Chamber.

Trial and Ominous

After a location called Trial Chamber appeared in the cubic world, the players focused all their attention on it. And what they saw amazed even the most experienced heroes.

Many updated and brand-new blocks are available for use. In Minecraft PE, some of them have received new functionality. Now they are not only Trial, which informs about their location, but also Ominous. This word is used to make it clear to the players that this is a very difficult block.

Such changes are relevant for the following objects:

  1. Spawner;
  2. Vault;
  3. Key;
  4. Trials.

Other changes

Along with the fact that Minecraft has a lot of completely new items with interesting functionality, the developers have also transformed some existing objects and mobs.

In this version, for example, Breeze no longer jumps into the lava in length and correctly deflects most projectiles.

The changes that have become possible in this version will greatly change the entire gameplay. First of all, the player should take into account that now mobs will not spawn naturally in the Trial Chamber.
Attacks have also been changed if the hero uses a weapon such as Mace. This will allow you to use it more effectively during the battle.


  • Which mob can control the wind in Minecraft PE

  • Where can players in MCPE meet him?

    In the Trial Chamber.
  • What can a Trial Spawner become if the effect on the player is a Bad Omen?