Minecraft PE

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Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and find out about the properties of all the new items that have appeared in the cubic world.

Minecraft PE Beta

Many new dangers await those brave souls who decide to go to the Trial Chamber in Minecraft Players will have to face more powerful opponents and experience a truly Ominous Trial.

But, of course, they will not remain without help, because you can always take a faithful companion with you on the road – a tamed wolf. And besides, it can be protected with special armor. It is recommended to use a Mace as a reliable weapon.

Also in this version, the textures of Vault and Ominous Vault were fixed, the developers managed to fix the error when using decorated pots in the Trial Chamber.

Ominous Objects

The developers decided to add a lot of updated items with new properties to Minecraft PE All of them are united by the single name Ominous and this means that interaction with them will be even more dangerous.

For example, the updated Trial Spawner will generate more dangerous creatures, but the rewards for defeating them will be much higher. Also in this version, Bad Omen has been expanded, which now causes an Ominous Trial – more dangerous and even creepy events.

By the way, it can transform into Raid Omen and then the player will also have to fight off robbers.


Many Cube World users have long complained that there are quite a few interesting and diverse weapons in the game. Previously, the developers have already pleased the heroes with the appearance of a Mace.

And in Minecraft, new spells that can be applied to this item have also become available. With it, you can instill fear in the hearts of opponents, make the Mace heavier, or fly up into the air after an attack.


  • What melee weapons are available in Minecraft PE

  • How many spells are available for her in MCPE

    Three spells.
  • How to neutralize the effect of a Bad Omen?

    Drink a bucket of milk.