Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and learn more about the more challenging challenges that are already available in the cubic world.

Minecraft version Beta

With each update, the cubic world is changing more and more and it is no longer possible to remember what it was like in the beginning. All this incredible work helps to make the game interesting for a huge number of users.

And this time, in Minecraft, players have the opportunity to participate in more difficult challenges. And it is not even about the appearance of a Hardcore Mode, which is certainly very cool and accessible only to a limited number of heroes. The fact is that in this version some objects and events are called Ominous.

Ominous Trials

Many users know what Bad Omen is and have even tried to experience its effect on themselves. If a player has such a mark, then his appearance in the village will certainly cause a raid by robbers.

Trial Omen is a new version of this event, which can be obtained by drinking a drink from the Ominous Bottle. So, if a player in Minecraft PE fulfilled these conditions and then went to the Trial Chamber, then the most dangerous and terrible events would happen to him.

Another effect may appear in this version instead of the direct launch of Bad Omen. It will last 30 seconds and when this time expires, a raid will begin at this place.

Ominous Vault

But not everything is as dangerous in Minecraft as it might seem at first glance because in this version the Ominous Vault also appears. This new kind of Vault emits not an ordinary flame, but a blue one.

You can find them in the most inaccessible places of the Trial Chamber. Whoever succeeds will be rewarded because they contain a more valuable treasure than the usual version of this block.


  • What is the difference between the Ominous Vault and the usual Vault in MCPE

    A more valuable reward.
  • What is the danger of the Ominous Trial Spawner in Minecraft PE

    The more dangerous mobs that will appear from it.
  • How do I get Trial Omen?

    Drink a beverage from the Ominous Bottle.