Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and arrange for yourself a new adventure in which the player will be able to find a lot of interesting things.

Minecraft PE Beta Version

Communication with other players can have a positive effect on the entire gameplay, so the developers of Mojang Studios continue to develop this aspect of the cubic world.

In Minecraft, it is now possible to add recommended friends, as well as possible ones. In addition, you can share your profile using a link or code, and this version has generally improved the process of finding friends.

In order to mitigate the failure when activating the resource pack in Edit World and Create New World, the developers made some changes and made adjustments.


For players to always be interested in traveling through the territory of the cubic world, developers are constantly adding various mobs. After all, the process will be more interesting if there is some kind of goal.

This time, the target will be an inhabitant of hot biomes, which is called Armadillo in Minecraft PE This creature will not attack the player, but it cannot be tamed either. At the same time, the players will benefit from interacting with him.

It consists of the fact that the creature drops the shields from its back when it cleans itself. They can be used to craft armor.


This interesting block can be found in the Trial Chamber. Its main advantage over, for example, chests is that it stores the largest number of valuable items. Minecraft has several important features that players should consider:

  1. After the player opens this block, his well will be closed for him forever;
  2. To open the Vault, look for the Trial Key nearby;
  3. When the player gets close to him, he will notice particles that will help him find his way in the dark.


  • What is stored in Vault in MCPE

    A large supply of treasures.
  • What does it take to open it in Minecraft PE

    You will need a Trial Key.
  • Where can I find the Vault?

    In a structure called the Trial Chamber.