Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and test your abilities in the new game mode, but keep in mind that you will not be able to revive in it.

Minecraft PE Beta

The developers of Mojang Studios decided to please all users of the cubic world with the appearance of a new mode in the game, which really will not be available to everyone. And it is not about the settings or capabilities of the device, but about the skills of the player himself.
The fact is that in Minecraft it is impossible to be reborn in Hardcore, that is, the user will have only one life and, having lost it, he will lose everything. It is interesting and extremely difficult.

This functionality is still available in a preliminary version and will be further developed, taking into account the opinions of users. Bogged has updated the texture and can now drop two mushrooms each.


Protection in Minecraft PE is of great importance for every player, because dangers can lurk at every step. But going on any trip alone is not as interesting as going with a faithful pet.

To protect the tamed wolf, this version has special equipment. It is made of flaps that can be obtained from Armadillo. And now they can be used to repair this armor.


An interesting item can be seen by players traveling through the territory of the Trial Chamber. There are many different objects in the dark and gloomy corridors, and some of them can be dangerous.

For example, Trial Spawner generates dangerous creatures that players will have to fight. Vault has a completely different purpose in Minecraft But this block has several important features:

  1. Each player can open it only once, for this you need to find a special key;
  2. from the Vault you can get a wide variety of valuable items that will be useful in the game;
  3. After the reward is received by the player, the keyhole will be closed for him forever.


  • Where can I see the Vault in Minecraft PE

    In the Trial Chamber.
  • What is interesting about this block?

    It contains various valuable items.
  • What is the Wolf Armor for in MCPE

    To protect a tamed wolf.