Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and spend the most unforgettable moments in the cubic world, exploring its new features.

Minecraft PE Beta

It is incredibly important for Mojang Studios developers to receive feedback from users because this is how they can create a really interesting product. Thanks to player feedback, Minecraft has become even more diverse and has received many new features.

Fight Bogged or spend time in the Trial Chamber in search of secret rooms and incredible treasures. Use Wolf Armor to protect your pet, it now has a strength of 64 units. Also, pet equipment can be painted in different colors and repaired using Armadillo shields.

Explore the possibilities of the new game mode right now and try your hand at it.


One of the options for obtaining valuables in the Trial Chamber is the block, which received the name Vault in Minecraft PE This facility is not guarded, but you need a special key to open it.

There can be a variety of treasures inside, which each player can get only once. After that, even if there is a key, it will be impossible to open the lock.

Dangerous mobs

As you know, in Minecraft, one of the important aspects of the gameplay is the battle with dangerous creatures. These are the ones that heroes can meet in almost every biome.

For example, Bogged now lives in mangrove forests and swamps, and Breeze has been added to the monsters already existing in the Trial Chamber. To effectively fight against opponents, players should know the basic rules:

  1. study the attacks and habits of the mob to know how to defeat it;
  2. in case of need or when forces are not equal, have a reliable shelter;
  3. Before going on a journey, provide your hero with durable equipment and weapons.


  • What is Vault in MCPE used for?

    Treasures are stored in it.
  • Where can I find this block in Minecraft PE

    In Trial Chamber.
  • How do I open the Vault?

    Using the Trial Key.