Minecraft PE 1.20.73

Version 1.20.73 for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft 1.20.73 apk with Xbox Live support and make incredible discoveries that will not only get a lot of new items but also experience.

Minecraft PE 1.20.73 Release

Traveling through the territory of the cubic world, players constantly face various dangers. And in the Trial Chamber, there are most of them in Minecraft 1.20.73. In this location, the heroes should be as collected and careful as possible.

The developers have tried to reduce the number of crashes and errors that can somehow affect the gameplay. They managed to create a productive and interesting space with many different possibilities.


Wolves exist as the most interesting pet in Minecraft PE 1.20.73. First of all, they allow players to always travel in company, even when friends for some reason cannot be present in the game.

But also these mobs will be the defenders of the heroes and will always try to repel the attacks of the enemies. You can thank your assistant by making armor for him. To do this, find Armadillo, they are most often found in the desert or savannah.

Wait until he drops his shields during cleaning or use a brush on him. Use the items you receive to create protective equipment for your pet.

Trial Chamber

In the company of a faithful four-legged friend, players can go to explore an interesting location, which is located in Minecraft PE 1.20.73 underground. It is not so easy to find it and to make this task easier, buy a map with exact coordinates from a villager.

Inside the Trial Chamber, players will find many interesting and sometimes dangerous discoveries:

  1. Vault – a useful block with real treasures inside;
  2. Trial Spawner – generates monsters, after defeating them, the hero will receive a reward;
  3. Copper and Tuff are valuable resources, of which there are a lot in this location.


  • What resources prevail in the Trial Chamber in MCPE 1.20.73?

    Copper and tuff.
  • What is unusual about Trial Spawner in Minecraft PE 1.20.73?

    After winning, the player is given a reward.
  • Where does Armadillo live?

    In the savannah.