Minecraft PE 1.20.71

Version 1.20.71 for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft 1.20.71 apk with Xbox Live support and rate all the innovations that have occurred in the cubic world and use them in the gameplay.

Minecraft PE 1.20.71 Release

To meet a wolf in Minecraft 1.20.71 Release, players do not have to go to the forest, although they will live in this biome. But in addition to forest areas, the predator will now appear in the taiga in the savannah and many other places of the cubic world.

The authors also changed the spawn for rabbits and foxes, the former will appear more often in groves, and the latter, on the contrary, less often. The developers have tried to minimize the number of errors that occur in the game so that every user can enjoy the process to the fullest.

A tamed predator

As noted earlier, every user traveling in Minecraft 1.20.71 can meet a wolf in a wide variety of biomes. At the same time, each of the locations will have a unique color for this animal.

For example, a spotted variant will appear in the savannah and a Rusty one in the rare jungle biome. Also, each species will have its behavior model, basically all of them spawn in packs of up to 8 individuals. And only one species that lives in the Grove biome will always appear alone.

Previously tamed wolves now need to be fed so that they reach a maximum health level of 40 units. This will help to protect the pet and make it even stronger.

Other changes

Not only the variety of wolves was taken care of by the players in this version of Minecraft PE 1.20.71:

  1. They also fixed some technical errors. For example, buckets can again collect liquid immediately after installation;
  2. Also, now invited players will have no problems adding decorative elements to the armor;
  3. The use of a wind charge creates an impact 10 percent stronger than that of the Breeze;
  4. Bogged is now attacked with an interval of 3.5 seconds.



  • Where does the Rusty Wolf live in Minecraft PE 1.20.71?

    In the savannah.
  • Which wolves spawn alone in MCPE 1.20.71 Release?

  • What is the Trial Key used for?

    To open the Vault.