Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and get the opportunity to protect your pet from threats with special armor.

Minecraft PE Beta

This version will introduce players to various changes in the gameplay, as well as new features in construction and design. First of all, players should get to know new mobs better and get rewarded for defeating monsters.

In Minecraft, some bugs that were previously identified by the developers have been fixed. Also, for polished tuff, a sound has been added that occurs if a creature falls on it.

Armadillo Features

Previously, players already had a chance to get acquainted with this mob, and now the developers are only expanding their capabilities and habitat. Thus, Armadillo can be found not only in the savannah but also in the badlands biome variants.

As you know, it feeds on the eyes of a spider, so these animals will be afraid of it. The armored mob itself will certainly collapse in case of danger. This will help him reduce damage from attacks by the player or other creatures.

By the way, in Minecraft PE he learned to swim, and his cubs move faster when they catch up with their parents.


Another mob, which also recently appeared in the game, has every chance to become the main villain of Minecraft The fact is that Breeze has unusual attack mechanics. He uses strong gusts of wind to knock the victim down.

With their help, he can also open some doors and hatches. But the players, of course, will be able to defeat him. Especially if they prepare good equipment and weapons in advance.


The uniqueness of this object in Minecraft PE lies in the fact that there are various treasures inside it. The player can open it only once, but this will require a special Trial Key.

Like almost all the latest Vault innovations, you can only find them in the Trial Chamber.