Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and create an unlimited amount of armor and weapons, as well as other items with Crafter.

Minecraft PE Release

Each player in the process of exploring the cubic world meets benevolent and dangerous creatures on his way, and there are a few more of both in Minecraft

The fact is that the developers not only fixed some critical errors but also significantly diversified the gameplay, thanks to the addition of new items and mobs.


Players can save valuable game time and automate the process of creating items in Minecraft PE using a device such as Crafter. To create it, you will need a redstone, as well as a chest and a funnel.

Thus, the process of loading ingredients and obtaining the final result can take place without the participation of the player himself. This will not only free up time for other important activities but also have a very interesting time.


One of the valuable resources that was previously available to players has received more use cases in Minecraft Over time, copper oxidizes and its appearance changes dramatically.

It can be used not only in construction but also in a decorative sense. And such a block as the Copper Bulb will illuminate the space at all, it is enough only to combine it with redstone.

A new opponent

You can meet an unusual creature that flies through the air and attacks players with gusts of wind in the Trial Chamber. This mob behaves extremely unpredictably, and its attacks cause significant damage to players.

But do not worry too much, in the company of other players in Minecraft PE, it will not be so difficult to deal with him. Fight a new opponent In cubic world and get a unique gaming experience right now.


  • What is the main advantage of Crafter in Minecraft PE

    The possibility of automated creation of objects.
  • What happens if you destroy all the monsters from Trial Spawner?

    The player will receive a valuable reward.
  • How does the Breeze spawn in MCPE

    He appears from Trial Spawner.