Minecraft PE

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Beta: Unblocked Version

Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and find out all the information about the useful properties of Armadillo and where to find new blocks.

Minecraft PE Beta

In this version, it immediately becomes obvious how much the cubic world has changed recently. A lot of the most incredible creatures, as well as amazing locations and a lot of interesting things, await the brave heroes.

At the same time, it is better for researchers in Minecraft PE to always be ready for battle because a wide variety of dangerous monsters will be encountered on their way. One of them even knows how to summon the forces of the wind to his aid, with which he will attack the heroes.

One of the most significant changes in this version is that the Breeze now reflects all projectiles towards the firing direction. By the way, the developers have fixed its appearance, namely the particles at the bottom of the model.

An inhabitant of the savannah

There are quite a few creatures living in hot biomes, compared to plains and forests, so in Minecraft PE, the developers decided to add another rather interesting creature to these places.

The Armadillo is brown, and its back is covered with durable plates. In case of danger, it collapses, and when the trouble is over, it turns around. These processes are accompanied by original sounds and vibrations.

New spawner

In Trial Chamber, players will have the opportunity not only to extract valuable resources such as copper and tuff. Here you can still stumble upon a new monster spawner. In Minecraft, as before, it will produce dangerous creatures, but at the same time, it has one distinctive feature.

After all the opponents are defeated, the players will receive a decent reward. If there is 1 second left before the creatures appear, they will not appear. Their spawn will be delayed for 1-2 seconds.


  • Where can I find Breeze in Minecraft PE

    In Trial Chambers.
  • What is Crafter for?

    To automate the process of creating things.
  • Which mob drops its armor in MCPE