Minecraft PE

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Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support rate all the changes that are already available in the game and meet the new inhabitant of the hot savannah – the good-natured Armadillo.

Minecraft PE Release

The main purpose of the weekly Cube World updates is to maintain a high level of interest among users. This largely depends on the fact that each player is very interested in the appearance of something new in the game.

And it is worth noting that Minecraft was no exception in this because there are a lot of interesting things in this version. It is worth noting the improved appearance of the Copper doors, as well as corrections in the behavior of the Breeze.

A new opponent

Another dangerous mob in Minecraft PE is Breeze. Players can meet him on the territory of the Trial Chamber. Where he will appear from a new type of Spawner. Moreover, the more players there are next to this block, the more creatures will appear from it.

This opponent attacks with the help of wind power. Which can throw the player back a certain distance. You can predict the imminent attack of this creature by the characteristic animation of the air currents around it.


Upon entering the Trial Chamber, players will notice that most of its space is made of copper blocks. They can be either solid or in the form of graves. By the way, they can be made in Minecraft, including doors and trapdoors.

Even the lighting of the space will be carried out by blocks of this material. Copper Bulb is capable of illuminating a space with a maximum illumination level of 15 units.

Other changes

Thanks to the efforts of the developers, a new mob appeared in Minecraft PE, which all users, without exception, were waiting for. The armadillo inhabits the savannah and feeds on the eyes of a spider. Following him, you can find the flaps that the mob drops sometimes.

These items will be useful for protecting tamed wolves. Moreover, only the owner can put on or remove such armor from the animal.


  • What is Crafter used for in Minecraft PE

    To create items.
  • What ingredients are needed to create it in MCPE

    Iron Ingots, Redstone Dust, Crafting Table, Dropper.
  • What is the explosion resistance of the Crafter?

    It is equal to 3.5.