Minecraft PE 1.20.50

Version 1.20.50 for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft 1.20.50 apk with Xbox Live support and embark on an incredible adventure through unprecedented structures and fight with a dangerous mob.

Minecraft PE 1.20.50 Release

Minecraft 1.20.50 users will remember a wide variety of various innovations. In this version, copper blocks are particularly noteworthy, largely due to the large number of options for their use.

Also, every hero who is not afraid to meet with a crowd of monsters that appeared from Trial Spawner, and who defeated them, is entitled to an excellent reward. Explore the territory of a new location and share your impressions with all your friends.

Dangerous inhabitant

According to the already established tradition, in every dark location in the cubic world, there is some kind of dangerous monster. In Deep Dark, it was a terrible and almost invincible Warden, and in Trial Chamber, it will be Breeze.

This mob from Trial Spawner appears. Moreover, the more players there are next to him, the more individuals will spawn. During the attack of this creature, the player will feel a strong gust of wind, which can even throw him some distance away.

At the same time, hiding behind a closed door from the enemy in Minecraft PE 1.20.50 will not work, he knows how to open them.


You can diversify the choice of blocks for building and decorating rooms in Minecraft 1.20.50 not only with the help of copper but also using tuff. There are at least four patterns that can be crafted in a stone cutter.

Players can find this material in large quantities in Trial Chamber, a new structure that has recently appeared in the cubic world. This is a rather gloomy, but incredibly interesting place that every player should visit. All types of tuff can be created using Crafting Table, as well as in Stonecutter.


  • How does Breeze un MCPE 1.20.50 attack players?

    With wind charges.
  • What is dangerous for Trial Spawner players?

    He creates monsters.
  • What new structure has appeared in Minecraft PE 1.20.50?

    Trial Chamber.