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Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and find out which tool will help clean copper blocks if they are oxidized.

Minecraft PE Beta Copper Update

The exciting adventures in Minecraft continue and each player can already use new objects made of materials such as tuff and copper. They have certain features that will be useful for players to learn about right now.

By the way, while these blocks and their derivatives are available only in Experimental mode, so do not forget to include them when creating a world if you want to use all the features.


All the blocks that players will create from this material have the property of oxidizing. This will change their texture and they will turn from brown to green.

Those users who want to prevent this process in Minecraft PE need to rub the surface with wax. This will help, for example, concerning Copper Bulbs to avoid reducing the level of illumination.

The developers have added recipes for all oxidation levels for the Chiselled variant, as well as Woxed hatches, doors, and grilles.

This will allow you to diversify the possibilities of using this material in the gameplay.


Significantly expanded the selection of blocks and building elements that can be made in Minecraft from Tuff. These can be stairs, slabs, or walls of chiseled shape, as well as polished or with a brick texture.

As with blocks of copper, these objects can be made using a stone cutter. In addition to this, it is suggested to use new recipes for these blocks, as well as evaluate the updated textures.

Other changes

Developers in Minecraft PE have added the ability to offer items directly from the Fitting Room while on servers. Also in this version, the interfaces of the world creation menu and the main menu have been updated.


  • How many types of tuff blocks are there in Minecraft PE

    At the moment there are three.
  • How many blocks of Copper in MCPE

    5 options.
  • How to clean the copper block?

    With an axe.