Minecraft PE

Version for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and appreciate the large number of bug fixes, as well as improved performance and new features of Crafter.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Each new version of the cubic world is met by users with great interest, especially if there are a lot of interesting and unusual things in it, as in Minecraft First of all, the developers note the appearance of a new Encyclopedia screen, where you can find useful information.

The block called How to Play has been completely transformed for each player to receive all the necessary knowledge at the initial stage. It is also important that now Vindicators and Evokers cannot spawn in peaceful mode, and Phantoms will attack, including those heroes who slide.


Interaction with these creatures of the cubic world is very important for the entire gameplay. For example, you can buy maps from a Cartographer that will indicate secret locations in which heroes can find a lot of interesting things.

Armorer sells weapons and armor, which can later be decorated with beautiful patterns. You can do this using Templates, by the way, custom equipment is also suitable for these purposes.

Another interesting resident who sells enchantments has the profession of a Librarian. In Minecraft PE, you can purchase the highest-level options from him, but so far only in Experimental mode.

Ancient objects

Quite a long time has passed since the appearance of Archaeology in the cubic world. A large number of users appreciated the interesting gameplay and the possibilities of this process. But the developers, trying to keep attention to it at a fairly high level, continue to introduce something new.

This time the changes affected Decorated Pots. In Minecraft, they can be used not only as a room decoration but also for storing items.


New functionality appears to players in Minecraft thanks to the appearance of Crafter. This block is interesting because it works with a redstone and can be loaded using a Funnel.

To create it, you need four ingredients. He also immediately received special sounds from the developers that would notify them about the success or failure of the process of creating items.


  • Why can players use Decorated Pots in Minecraft PE

    For storing items.
  • Where can I not find Suspicious blocks?

    On The Ruins of the Cold Ocean.
  • How do I remove items placed inside Decorated Pots?

    In MCPE only breaking it.