Minecraft PE

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Beta Update

Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and visit a wide variety of structures and find ancient and useful artifacts in them.

Minecraft PE Beta Trails & Tales

With each version, the block space is transformed more and more. It has more diverse locations that attract players. Among the latest biomes that have appeared, the heroes can highlight for themselves the Ruins of the Trail and the Cherry Grove. Here in Minecraft you can find a lot of interesting things and take a break in a calm atmosphere.

The creators of the block space do not forget about correcting accumulated errors, adjusting the work of all processes, and working on errors. Such actions make it possible to avoid failures in the future, especially since big changes are waiting for players soon.


Thanks to the wide variety of plants, the flora of the cubic world allows players to express themselves in various activities. For example, they can grow all kinds of flowers and use them to breed mobs, as well as breed bees.

By the way, a recently appeared plant called Torchflower differs not only in its unusual appearance but is also suitable for feeding a Sniffer. If the player succeeds, he will be able to breed these animals in Minecraft PE


To learn as much as possible about the possibilities of the cubic world, players are encouraged to travel a lot. Be sure to visit a wide variety of biomes, including the Cherry Grove.

This amazing place amazes me with its beauty from the first minutes, because nowhere else in Minecraft do such trees grow. Cherry blossoms look divine and set up an atmosphere of tranquility.


All kinds of structures are found in many biomes of the cubic world, for example, players can visit Ancient City, but for this, they will have to overcome the Deep Dark location, where a very dangerous creature lives.

Another interesting place in Minecraft PE is the Ruins of Trails, where heroes have a chance to find a lot of valuable and unique.


  • What resources can be obtained in the Cherry Grove?

    In Minecraft PE, this is wood and dye.
  • What does the Sniffer eat in MCPE

    Plant seeds.
  • What can be found in the Ruins of the Trail?

    Templates, clay shards and Sniffer eggs.