Minecraft PE

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Beta Update

Download the free version of Minecraft apk with Xbox Live support and learn new features and develop in different directions, as well as travel a lot.

Minecraft PE Beta Trails & Tales

Creating a fascinating game space is a very complex process, which the developers of Mojang Studios masterfully cope with. They have an incredible amount of improvements and fixes for all kinds of errors that inevitably arise in the game.

Thanks to their efforts, Minecraft will have fewer crashes when opening Realms Plus and using PlayStation. Also, the game will not stop if several Villagers are near the player at once.

Archaeological expedition

Before the advent of Archaeology, desert biomes were not very popular among users because they did not have a large number of valuable resources or any mobs. Now everything has changed dramatically and every player in Minecraft PE strives to visit this area in the cubic world.

But it is worth noting that you can also find Suspicious blocks and artifacts stored in them underwater, where sand is also present, or in the Ruins of Trails. This relatively new structure is very interestingly generated. Most of it is underground and it is completely invisible from the surface, while there you can find a lot of interesting things.


In addition to various changes in the surrounding world, the addition of new mobs and blocks, the animation of the player himself was also supplemented in Minecraft PE

The fact is that now he has learned to crawl and can overcome even the tiniest caves and thus escape from dangerous creatures.


Not all creatures in Minecraft are dangerous for players. Some will be useful for him. For example, a Sniffer will help you find seeds from which you can later grow beautiful plants. This will allow you to learn a lot about the nature of the cubic world.


  • What does the Sniffer eat in MCPE

    Plant seeds.
  • What are Templates used for in Minecraft PE

    To decorate armor.
  • What is used in Archaeology?