Minecraft PE 1.20.32

Version 1.20.32 for Android

Download the free version of Minecraft 1.20.32 apk with Xbox Live support upgrade your skills, and learn about new items and features that are already available in the cube world.

Minecraft PE 1.20.32 Release Trails & Tales

Each update offers players new opportunities to develop their abilities, but the developers also do not forget that all kinds of errors and failures constantly require their attention.

Thus, in Minecraft 1.20.32, it became possible to decorate your equipment, as well as go on a real archaeological search. At the same time, the problem with using the keyboard after installing the Nameplate was fixed. In general, the number of failures was significantly reduced.

Searching in the sands

Players know that blocks of sand in Minecraft PE 1.20.32 can be found not only in the desert but also in underwater spaces. By the way, a new structure has recently appeared, which is called the Ruins of Trails, and this type of material is also found there.

But it is proposed to use it not for construction, but for archaeological research. Interact with Suspicious sand or gravel with a Brush and watch something unique fall out of it.


The whole game world is looking forward to the results of the general vote, which will determine the new inhabitant of the cubic space. In the meantime, players are invited to evaluate the capabilities of creatures already existing in Minecraft 1.20.32.

A Camel becomes an extremely useful mobile for traveling, which can carry not only the player himself or even two, but also a chest with things. By the way, this animal is characterized by endurance and does not require a lot of food.

For lovers of agriculture, a Sniffer is useful. This prehistoric animal will dig seeds out of the ground without breaks and weekends. Moreover, he specializes in rare and outlandish specimens.


  • What does the Sniffer in Minecraft PE 1.20.32 eat?

  • Which plants are used to tame the Sniffer in MCPE 1.20.32?

  • What are templates used for?

    To decorate the armor.