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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of the Better Together Minecraft update on Android with a working Xbox Live and use the painted glass, a player, a book with a pen and the ability to broadcast live from the game.

Minecraft – What’s interesting?

On October 23, 2017, the development team from Mojang Studios delighted players with the release of a new beta version of Minecraft PE

This time, the global update Better Together allowed the addition of new blocks and items to the game.

Microsoft’s recently launched streaming service Mixer was also included.


For a global update, the developers have prepared 16 new types of glass at once.

You can get stained glass in Minecraft using dyes.

Such material will become especially necessary for all those who are fond of construction. After all, now it will be possible to create whole stained glass windows like the one in Notre Dame.


A new block type that will allow playing audio files . To do this, first craft the instrument itself, and then insert the plate into it.

All standard music compositions Minecraft authored by C418 are recorded on the audio tracks.

You can get them in only four ways:

  • taken from creative inventory;
  • found in chests scattered around the world;
  • register the / give command;
  • Kill a creeper with a skeleton.

Book with pen

Another important part of Minecraft was the introduction of such a subject as a book with a pen.

With its help, new opportunities open up for card makers. It also gives players the ability to write a message to a friend, not on tablets, but in a small book.

To create this item, you will need to combine a book and a pen on the game’s workbench.


Microsoft recently introduced its proprietary streaming service . Almost immediately, it became one of the features of Minecraft PE

Now you can stream your favorite game by pressing just a couple of buttons located in the main menu.


  • How to paint glass in Minecraft PE

    To do this, you need to use a dye, mixing it with glass in the crafting window.
  • How to create a book with a feather?

    To do this, you need to combine the book and the pen on the workbench.
  • How to start an online broadcast in Minecraft

    To do this, log into your Xbox Live account, and then use the special button.