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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of the Better Together Minecraft update on Android with a working Xbox Live and try using the player, pen book, armor stand, as well as new features like world copy and use coordinates.

Minecraft – What’s interesting?

The developers from Mojang published a new beta build of Minecraft PE Better Together Update on September 6, 2017.

Many new blocks and items have been added in this version. Among them you can find a turntable, an armor rack, a book with a quill, and much more.

The team did not forget about introducing new functions into Minecraft This is how coordinates and copying of the world appeared in the game.


Small but useful decoration block. It is often used by Minecraft PE players only for decoration, although it allows you to play music.

If you want to bring your friend into your world, then you should definitely show him your collection of tracks.

Be sure to download free music kits from the Minecraft store, as nothing will work without them.

Please note that in order to start playback, you must first get the recordings. To do this, you will have to crank the scheme with killing a creeper with a skeleton.

Armor rack

A new entity in the world of Minecraft PE, which will be useful to all layers of players.

You can change poses, of which there are more than 10, by signaling red dust or pressing the armor stand while crouching.

The Armor Rack can be used to beautifully arrange your favorite gear set. And mapmakers will be able to use them to interact with command blocks.


Also, the Mojang team was worried about introducing new features into Minecraft PE These are the coordinates and copying of the world.

To activate the display of coordinates, go to the world settings and click the corresponding button.

You can also copy your Minecraft world from the settings, but for this you need to use the button next to “Export world” and “Delete”.


  • How to copy the world in Minecraft

    You just need to click on the button next to the "Delete World" and "Export World" buttons.
  • How to use the player?

    To do this, click on it with the music plate.
  • How to change the pose of the armor stand in Minecraft

    To do this, sit down and press. Alternatively, use the red dust signal.