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Download Minecraft PE

Version MCPE for Android
Free with working Xbox Live

Download the full version of the Better Together Minecraft update for Android with a working Xbox Live and evaluate the revised version of the game with new sound design, flags, recipe book and world creation settings.

Minecraft – What’s interesting?

Developers from Mojang Studios have published a new beta build of Minecraft PE This version was the seventh build for the Better Together update.

In the new update, the team decided to focus on introducing not so much new blocks and items as on mechanics and functions.

For this reason, in Minecraft you can find flags, as well as new world settings, a recipe book, training and even new sounds.


A new type of items that will be incredibly useful for all players in the world of Minecraft PE

You can only find and retrieve flags on ships in the Ender City.

Using the crafting window of the workbench in Minecraft, you can create your own unique patterns .


The team did not forget about porting chips from the PC version to Minecraft PE

Now you can customize your world during creation. The same bonus chest can be selected from the menu.

Recipe book

For all beginners who use the classic Minecraft interface, a small system has been developed.

In the settings, you can select several modes of using this mechanic.

After the update to Minecraft PE, any player can try to use the recipe book, which will contain recipes for all possible blocks and items.


New content is constantly being added to Minecraft At the moment, there is already too much of it for an ordinary player to easily figure it out.

For this, the Mojang team decided to add a learning system to Minecraft PE You can refer to it at any time of the game, because the button is right in the menu.


Also, the team updated some sounds of the Minecraft world

Thus, the very sound of the explosion of the creeper has changed in the game.


  • Where are flags generated in Minecraft PE

    Flags can be found on the ships of the Ender City.
  • How do I open the tutorial?

    You can open it both in the main menu and during the game, through the settings.
  • How to use the recipe book in Minecraft

    To do this, activate it in the settings, and then you will have a special window during crafting.