Minecraft PE 1.19.71

Version 1.19.71 for Android
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Download the free version of Minecraft 1.19.71 apk and embark on a journey to find Smithing Templates and decorate all the armor elements with them.

Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.71: Trails & Tales Update

In the process of survival, one of the important elements along with a reliable weapon is strong armor. And although there are wonderful diamonds and other options in the cubic world, previous players did not have the opportunity to decorate their equipment in any way.

In Minecraft PE 1.19.71, such an opportunity has appeared and the number of possible options is quite large. Combine different materials and drawings, and copy templates to make your hero’s style unique and unlike others.

Armor finishing

To start the very process of armor modification in Minecraft 1.19.71, the player will first need a Smithing Table, as well as the material from which he will create equipment. By the way, you will also need special templates.

After all the elements are assembled, they need to be placed in slots and get the finished result.

Smithing Templates

You can find these elements in Minecraft PE 1.19.71 in almost any structure, such as a Desert Pyramid or a Sunken ship. The final pattern on the armor will depend on which location the player found the Template.

By the way, they can also be copied in the Workbench. This will require 7 diamonds, 1 material, and the Template itself. It is worth noting that this is a great opportunity for users to show their imagination and create something unique.


At the moment, Archaeology is quite a promising business, which will develop in future versions of Trails & Tales Update. But in Minecraft 1.19.71, this process is very popular.

Moreover, in this version, a similar version of gravel was added to the suspicious sand. Go to the desert to find the ancient elements hidden there and create a unique and inimitable piece of antiquity from them.


  • Where can I find templates for Smithing Table in Minecraft PE 1.19.71?

    In all structures except Ocean Monument.
  • What do I need to copy Templates in MCPE 1.19.71?

    This will require 7 diamonds, 1 material, and the Template itself
  • What block has been added in Archeology?

    Suspicous Gravel.