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What’s new in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The Mojang developers decided to add new mobs, blocks and other changes to the Minecraft version.


Minecraft Pocket Edition never leaves an update without mobs. They will always keep coming out until the moment there is no balance in the game.


New mobs in Minecraft will be generated in a variety of biomes, from taiga to tundra. Foxes can be tamed and after that, the night hunters will become your loyal protectors.


In their natural habitat, they attack mobs that cannot do anything to them. Foxes move quickly like ocelots and run from wolves, but not from the player.

Brown cows

These new mobs will be very difficult to find, because these are modified fly agaric cows. To see a brown cow in Minecraft PE, you need for lightning to hit the red .


Important: If you don’t want to wait, you can use the lightning strike command / summon lightning_bolt , or having turned on the rain, enchant the weapon on the “conductor” and hit the red cow with it.

Building Blocks

Mojang decided to meet the needs of those who make maps, and therefore, structural blocks were introduced into Minecraft Thanks to this block, you can transfer any design to a map or server you want.


You can get them in a creative by typing the command / give @s structure_block . Unfortunately, at the moment, the design transfer is only available in experimental mode .

For modders

The Scripting API function, which was previously available only to limited people in Minecraft, is now open to all mod lovers.

Create more complex mods without limits. A nice addition to this is that custom HP HUDs can be applied.


To indicate to the structural blocks that certain air blocks can be redefined, it was decided to add a void structure to Minecraft .


This block is a alternative to the barrier , to fully become part of the structure.

Information: You can get a block of void structure only in experimental mode, using the command / give @s structure_void. </ strong >

Rose of Withering

Minecraft PE has a unique Rose Wieser flower that can give the player a withering effect.


In addition, Wither Rose is not a decorative flower and has its own function . For example, you can make a stew from it, as well as black dye.

Tip: You can get a rose by going down to hell or in creative mode.

Character Editor

A feature in Minecraft that allows you to personalize your skin by changing body size, eye color, adding hair, beard, changing body shapes and the like.


A big plus for the character editor is that there are over 100 free options available.


The developers of Mojang in the first beta version of Minecraft made several important changes.


  1. With 3rd face enabled , the camera made a wrong movement. That is, when you tried to turn left, you turned right.
  2. We also changed the cursor position of the controller when autocrafting with full inventory.

Xbox One

Problems regarding Xbox accounts will always be relevant. Every time, when switching from one account to another , the game crashed.

The account changed, but this flaw greatly hindered those who switch accounts on an ongoing basis. Therefore, in the Minecraft version of Bedrock, you will not face this problem anymore.

Section “How to play”

It may seem strange, but there are still people who do not know about the Minecraft game. Especially for them, we came up with a section “How to play”. But serious mistakes have recently been discovered.

  • For example, it said that pumpkin should be used as a defense against Enderman.
  • Updated about wings to add that phantom membranes are needed to restore them.
  • Also changed the wording of in the raids section .