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Seeds to the village for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.13.0 - 1.20.81
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Fascinating village seeds on Minecraft PE for mobile devices: desert, island and snowy terrain awaits you.

Generation Keys for the Village on Minecraft PE

Minecraft developers continue to work all the time to improve terrain regeneration and add new chips .

Examples include desert temples, underwater fortresses, forest mansions, robber outposts, and altered villagers’ buildings.

A lot of work has been done with the villages. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most interesting village seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition, which have unique buildings .

Desert Village

This seed will show you all the incredible regeneration in Minecraft Pocket Edition . A small semi-abandoned village lies on the border of desert and plain.

In addition to this, the settlement has a deep ravine next to it, 20-25 blocks long. An outpost is located next to it, in which there are 5-6 robbers.

The landmark of the desert is the large sandy arch.

This generation key is universal. Players with any version can go into it and watch all these pictures.

IMPORTANT: If your version is lower than Minecraft PE 1.10.0, then instead of an outpost, you will have desert temples.

Snow Village

If you want to see something beautiful in Minecraft PE without downloading any maps, then we recommend you this seed. You will find yourself in the middle of a beautiful winter biome that contains a small village. For lovers of the winter season, it will be just that.

As soon as you fall asleep, an interesting landscape will appear in front of you. A small village next to a frozen river.

House decorations are different from those found in other biomes. Also there are custom igloo .

Unusual: instead of being spaced apart, they are flush and connected.

Island Village

Very interesting terrain regeneration, forming an island where the village is located.

It is ideal for those who like survival in extreme situations in Minecraft PE, because restrictions on resources, animals, food, will force you to explore other islands.

Hint: There are several animals and a lot of vegetation on the island. So there will be time for adaptation.

How to get there?

  1. First, you will appear next to a large tree.
  2. Then you need to follow the red arrow, as shown on the map.
  3. After you get to the island, you should get to the next one. You will see it immediately.
  4. And after doing this, you will immediately find yourself in the village.