Fire and Ice Mod for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE: 1.12.0 - 1.20.71

Download Fire and Ice Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: get the opportunity to improve your abilities with unique weapons and equipment.

What is interesting in Fire and Ice Mod?

The authors of Fire and Ice Mod have prepared more than 150 changes in the cubic world for players. Players will have new items and weapons at their disposal, as well as other blocks.

By the way, you can go in search of a unique type of minerals, which has never been seen before in the vastness of Minecraft PE. Fascinating and even fantastic journeys are waiting for their heroes. Players can meet a red dragon, basilisk or goblin on their way.


A large-scale update that the authors of Fire and Ice Mod have prepared for the players. It will affect almost all aspects of the game. Heroes will even be able to find a completely new kind of ore. In addition, various unique items will be available.

And also the heroes can create various functional blocks, such as an oven. Moreover, it will work completely differently than before. But the most interesting thing is the appearance of 3 types of armor at once.

In addition to the fact that it is characterized by unprecedented strength, it also gives the hero some power-ups that were not previously in Minecraft Bedrock.

Fire and Blood

Fantastic opportunities will be given to every player who downloads this add-on for Fire and Ice Mod. In it, the authors prepared the appearance of unprecedented creatures, such as the red dragon, Draugr, or goblins.

Players will also be able to use various unique items and weapons. Viking equipment is excellent and very durable armor.  It is worth noting that the taming of some new mobs are also available to players.

Among them, we can single out the basilisk. An initially hostile creature can become tame if you offer it some wheat. Minecraft PE heroes can get chicken and a feather as a drop from it. By the way, the latter can be used when crafting.


  • How do I install this Fire and Ice Mod?

    The file is in .mcaddon extension, so just tap on the file to automatically install the modification.
  • Can this mod be run in a multiplayer game?

    Yes, it is suitable for a multiplayer game.
  • What if the mod do not work?

    Try to activate the experimental game mode.