Indonesia Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE: 1.16.0 - 1.20.81

Download Indonesia Texture Pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: take a ride through the territory of the cubic world on a modern train, and evaluate its capabilities.

What is new in the Indonesia Texture Pack?

For fans of rail transport and just for those Minecraft PE users who want to try new means of transportation, the author has created this texture pack. In it, he managed to recreate in great detail a whole train of several wagons.

According to the fact that the update is called Indonesia Texture Pack, players will easily guess which country this model is used in. It is worth noting the maximum realism of this device both outside and inside. Start your new adventures right now.

Getting a transport

The author of this texture pack has made getting this item as easy as possible for a Minecraft PE user with any level of training. In Creative Mode, it will replace the cart in the Inventory. It can also be spun off using the command.

Next, using rails, install the train anywhere on the territory. But keep in mind that this is not a separate carriage, but several. Therefore, make sure that there will be enough space on the territory to accommodate it. Install Indonesia Texture Pack to learn more about the transport that is used in this country.

Use cases

The author of Indonesia Texture Pack made this object as realistic as possible. All the items typical for this type of transport are present inside it. These are sliding doors, handrails, and several types of chairs.

Of course, Minecraft PE players would not be able to sit on them, but you can look at the surrounding area from the window and feel like you are on a real train.

By the way, this modification is perfect for online play with friends who have not seen anything like this before in the vast cubic world. Figure out exactly how to use this object and have fun.


  • What if the Indonesia Texture Pack does not work?

    Try to activate the experimental game mode.
  • Can I use it on servers?

    Yes, you are free to use it on public servers.
  • How do I install this texture pack?

    The file is in .mcpack extension, so just tap on the file to automatically install the modification.