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Download Minecraft Java 1.21

Version 1.21

Download Minecraft Java 1.21: Travel in the desert, meet camels and ostriches, and appreciate new types of wood and food.

What is new in Minecraft Java 1.21?

During their travels, every PC player wants to find valuable resources as quickly as possible or meet unusual mobs. Most of all in Minecraft Java 1.21 they can be found in the Desert.

In this previously not particularly interesting biome, you can now do Archaeology or ride a Camel, as well as extract palm wood.

Cherry Grove

Fans of beautiful and picturesque biomes will enjoy Minecraft Java 1.21 in Cherry Grove. This location is different from all previously existing in the cubic world. The fact is that PC players have the opportunity to see ever-blooming cherry trees in it.

Sakura has pink flowers that look amazing against the blue sky. In addition to aesthetic benefits, some valuable resources can be obtained in this place. For example, pink-colored wood, can become both a beautiful decoration of any building, and be used as the main material.

The desert and its inhabitants

Recently, the study of the desert has begun to attract more and more computer users. This was mainly due to the appearance of a new riding animal that lives in these places. Camels are very hardy and unpretentious.

But besides them in Minecraft Java 1.21, you can also meet a new kind of bird. Ostriches move very quickly, and their eggs are much larger than chicken eggs. This will allow the player who ate them to compensate for more hunger units.

Also, unusual palm trees are now growing in these hot places. They can serve as a source of a fairly durable kind of wood for players, and coconuts growing on them can be eaten.


Another fascinating activity that is also located in the desert is Archaeology. This type of activity will not take much effort from the PC hero. There is no need to swing a pickaxe or an axe for a long time.

It is enough to clean Suspicious Blocks with a Brush lightly and the player will immediately receive valuable artifacts. In Minecraft Java 1.21, these can be various ancient fragments, Sniffer eggs, or Templates.


  • What mobs can be found in the desert in Minecraft Java 1.21?

    Camels and Ostriches.
  • In which biome do flowering trees grow?

    In Minecraft Java 1.21, this is a Cherry Grove.
  • What are cherry trees used for?

    To obtain a new type of wood.