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Download Mods for Minecraft Java 1.20

Version 1.20 for Android

Download Mods for Minecraft Java 1.20: Fight against very dangerous and powerful opponents, and use the most diverse weapons and equipment for this.

What is new in Mods for Minecraft Java 1.20?

Fill the cubic world with new dangers and try to survive in such conditions. The authors of Mods for Minecraft Java 1.20 offer players.

Now every user will have a chance to see famous characters from the popular manga with their own eyes.

Zombie Apocalypse

As conceived by the authors of this Mods for Minecraft Java 1.20, players will have to make every effort to survive in a very dangerous world. The cubic space has become so because of a terrible virus that spreads around and infects others.

Infected or zombies are much stronger than the standard inhabitants of Minecraft Java, so it will be much more difficult to cope with them. To do this, the developers have prepared a set of weapons, armor, and ammunition. Use them wisely.

Villagers are now survivors and can team up with players to fight a common evil. But be careful, they can get infected at any time.

Military Weapons

A large selection of the most diverse weapons will be given to PC users who install this add-on. The authors of Mods for Minecraft Java 1.20 created pistols and machine guns, as well as machine guns.

The variants of the most different times from the era of the Second World War to the most modern copies are presented.

Creepy Spiders

Now, when traveling through cubic space, players always need to be on the alert. Absolutely every biome will be inhabited by creepy spiders. As soon as a computer user installs Mods for Minecraft Java 1.20, the entire gameplay will instantly change.

These creatures are much more dangerous and more standard for Minecraft Java individuals. They attack not only in close combat but also shoot poison at a great distance.

Entity 303

A new dangerous enemy will appear in the cubic world after installing Mods for Minecraft Java 1.20. There have been legends about Entity 303 for a long time, and finally, PC users have the opportunity to get to know him personally.

Of the unique qualities of this monster, it can be noted that it always appears unexpectedly and can leave behind an unsuspecting player a block of dynamite or impose a desiccation effect. The health level of this creature is 75 units.

Demon Slayer

The authors of this supplement propose to transfer all the characters from the anime Blade Dissecting Demons to the cubic world. First of all, the user will face the question of which of them he will play for.

From this, in Mods for Minecraft Java 1.20, it will directly depend on what effects and abilities he will receive. It is worth noting that unique weapons and equipment that may be familiar to users from the original story are also added to the game and will be available to every player.


  • How do I install Mods for Minecraft Java 1.20?

    Just tap on the file to automatically install the mod.
  • Can this mod be run in a multiplayer game?

    Yes, it is suitable for a multiplayer game.
  • What if the mod do not work?

    Try to activate the experimental game mode.