Minecraft PE

Version for Android
Tricky Trials Update

Download the free version of Minecraft Tricky Trials apk with Xbox Live support and use objects from various materials to mine resources.

Minecraft PE Beta

In the gameplay, every detail is important, even the smallest at first glance. That is why developers are trying to quickly fix bugs, fix crashes and, of course, add new content.

There have been some changes in Minecraft PE that it will be useful for users to know about. For example, a copper door can only be broken with a stone pickaxe, and new sounds of interaction with them have been added for spawners.


To quickly get valuable and cool loot, players in Minecraft PE Tricky Trials do not have to fight dangerous opponents. To do this, it is enough to find a unique item in the Trial Chamber, which is called the Vault. It can only be opened with a special object called the Trial Key.

But there is also a variant of this item, which cannot be opened so easily. The fact is that you can only get the objects that are stored inside the Ominous Vault using the Ominous Key. Players receive this item only if they destroy all the mobs that appear from the Ominous Spawner.

More innovations

A unique weapon for defeating enemies at long range is presented in Minecraft It is called Wind Charge. You can get it by defeating an enemy named Breeze.

There have been some changes in this version that have affected this type of attack:

  1. The bell will not ring twice if this charge hits it;
  2. Regardless of the location, it acts the same way;
  3. Squatting will not in any way affect the number of jumps or drops;
  4. A throw under yourself will raise the player by 6 blocks.


  • How high will the player rise if he throws a wind charge under him?

    In MCPE, this value has been increased to 6 blocks.
  • What is the Trial Key in Minecraft PE used for?

    In order to open the Vault.
  • How are Spawner monsters generated?

    They appear randomly.