Minecraft PE

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Tricky Trials Update

Download the free version of Minecraft Tricky Trials apk with Xbox Live support and check which innovations are already available and use them in the gameplay.

Minecraft PE Beta

For each player, it is of particular importance that some new items are constantly appearing in the cubic world. Developers always try to take into account the opinions of users to make the game interesting for a large number of players.

In Minecraft, you can see that double slabs break in just a second and a half, and you can create a Double door from different doors. Also in this version, the complaint functions have been improved and new sounds have appeared when interacting with Vault.


In the vastness of the cubic world, players constantly have a chance to meet some dangerous and sometimes even creepy creatures. One of them can be found in the vastness of the Trial Chamber, where it appears from the Spawners.

The main features of Breeze in Minecraft PE are:

  1. The ability to shrink before an attack, jump not only forward, but also up;
  2. Attack with wind charges, knock your victim down;
  3. As a loot for defeating him, the player receives a Breeze Rod;
  4. It is used in crafting Mace and in other recipes.


There have also been some changes in various aspects of the gameplay in Minecraft For example, hints about emotions have been added to the game. They occur when you are near other characters. When the touch control is selected, the safe zones on the left and right are now ignored.

If a player uses a Wind Charge as his weapon, then his speed will be 50 percent higher.

By the way, in this version, throwing a wind charge under itself lifts the player not two and a half blocks, but six blocks up. Keep this in mind and be careful. Also, such attacks work the same way on any terrain.


  • What is Mace used for in Minecraft PE

    It is a weapon.
  • What feature does Mace in MCPE have?

    The attack power will be greater from the jump.
  • What location does Breeze live in?

    In the Trial Chamber.